Honorary Members

CEMS Honorary Members 

  • Greg Whitwell, former CEMS Chair
  • Audrey Clegg,  CEMS Corporate Partner Chair
  • Thomas Bieger, former CEMS Chair
  • Bernard Castaing,  former Vice President P&G, first CEMS Corporate Partner
  • Werner Delfmann, former CEMS Chair
  • Jacques Delors, former President of the European Commission
  • Heinz Hauser, former CEMS Chair
  • Jean-Paul Larçon, CEMS founder
  • Philippe Louvet, former Vice President HR L'Oréal, former CEMS Strategic Advisor
  • Lluis Maria Pugès, CEMS Founder, CEMS Honorary Chair
  • Bernard Ramanantsoa, former CEMS Chair
  • Dorte Salskov-Iversen, former Chair of the Academic Committee
  • Carlo Secchi, CEMS founder
  • Pierre Semal, former CEMS Treasurer
  • Günter Sieben, CEMS founder
  • Andrea Sironi, former CEMS Chair
  • Mohammad Yunus, Economist and Nobel Peace Prize winner