CEMS Mentoring Opportunities

The CEMS Mentoring Platform and the Student-Alumni Mentorship Programme (SAMP) are designed to help students in their professional career planning.

CEMS Mentoring Platform

Access to the CEMS Mentoring Platform

Student Access

Students have access to the CEMS Mentoring Platform through their CEMS Student Portal within the "Career Center" tab at or by clicking below.

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CEMS Mentoring Platform

The CEMS Mentoring Platform aims to connect CEMS students and alumni to drive personal growth; building skills, knowledge and understanding. The platform allows students to gain inside tips regarding potential employers, industries and career paths. 

Alumni Access 

Alumni have access to the CEMS Mentoring Platform directly through the CEMS Alumni Platform under the "Career Services tab" at or by clicking below.

SAMP (Student-Alumni Mentorship Programme)

Whereas the CEMS Mentoring Platform is global, the SAMP matches together students and alumni locally. Such as providing support and advice on studies, internships, exchange semesters, applications or career choices. It can also create new friendships and a unique long time relationship among the participants. Please get in touch with your local CEMS Academic member or CEMS local alumni chapter to get started. 

Download more information about SAMP: