CEMS Corporate & Social Partners

An exclusive Academic-Corporate partnership

CEMS was built on the vision of creating a bridge between the academic and corporate worlds. Since its creation in 1988, CEMS member schools have worked alongside industry and NGO’s. Today, over 70 world-renowned companies operating in a variety of sectors and 8 non-profit organisations work together with students, alumni and faculty as a part of this global business network.

CEMS Corporate Partners & Social Partners


What is the CEMS Corporate Partnership?

By joining the CEMS Global Alliance you will get access to an exclusive network of:

33 World’s leading business schools
70 Prestigious international companies and NGO’s
1300 High caliber multilingual students
+19,000 Alumni working internationally


  1. CEMS Corporate Partners have privileged access to a global pool of top talent from the world’s best business schools via networking events, pre-screening, recruiting, and curriculum involvement.
  2. CEMS Corporate Partners get the exclusive opportunity to leverage the next generation of thinkers to help them find innovative solutions for their future business challenges.
  3. CEMS Corporate Partners support CEMS in developing business leaders with professional responsibility and accountability in relation to society and the environment.
  4. CEMS Corporate Partners are active contributors to the CEMS network, interested in the development of international management education.
  5. CEMS Corporate Partners catalyze the CEMS network to tap into new markets and gain insights into different cultural and business practices via collaboration with our vast community of industry leaders, disruptors, and visionaries.
CEMS Corporate Partners

The value of the CEMS Corporate Partnership

  • Recruit from an exclusive pool of international talent
  • Promote your company’s culture and values to students & alumni
  • Obtain concrete strategic plans, new ideas and tailored business models from a fresh perspective
  • Shape the future of management and business education 

If you would like to know more about the opportunity of becoming a CEMS Corporate Partner, please contact us.


CEMS Social Partners

CEMS Social Partnership is an exclusive social-academic partnership based on the Social Partners contributing to the Alliance and its MIM Programme. Social Partners have an impact on the curriculum, the alliance and the thinking of the next generation of business leaders.

Opportunities and Benefits for Social Partners:

  • Impact leading business schools in the world through the CEMS organisation and its MIM curriculum;
  • Develop professional and personal contacts with decision makers from leading universities and multinational corporations;
  • Interact with and influence future business leaders
  • Benefit from the contribution of CEMS students given through business projects and internships;
  • Engage students in social projects and ignite them with the passion for your cause.

If you would like to know more about the opportunity of becoming a CEMS Social Partner, please contact us.

To be considered, an organisation should fulfil the following selection criteria: non-profit status, international scope and multi-country representation, non-political or religious affiliation, motivation for cooperating with the corporate world.

The below video exemplifies the benefits of this commitment and one type of activity that our Social Partners can engage in with CEMS students.

CEMS Social Responsibility

Part of the CEMS mission is to nurture a responsible and ethical approach to management that graduates will then take into the working world. CEMS students formally commit to a code of ethics and values in respect of global citizenship on the day of their graduation in the framework of the Global Value Statement.

Our ethical and responsible approach to management education also includes a strong focus on sustainability, which you can read more about here. With the involvement of Corporate & Social Partners – in the classroom, in research and conferences or in the governance of CEMS – the CEMS Global Alliance and all its stakeholders benefit from this exposure and dialogue.

The below video exemplifies the benefits of this commitment and one type of activity that our Corporate & Social Partners can engage in with CEMS students.