Student Category
  • Why am I not receiving mail sent to my cemsmail address ?

    Remember that your cemsmail address is just a redirection toward the mailbox you provided when you joined the CEMS Alliance.

    Things that could happen are :

    • Your mailbox hosting platform may have strong anti-spam filters (HEC and some specific schools for instance).
    • Sometimes, your own mail tool could be updated with some stronger filtering rules (it is always good to have a look at your spam folder time to time).
    • Some tests simply won't work. Typically, if you send a mail from your gmail account to your own cemsmail address (that would be redirected to your gmail mailbox), you will not see that message in your inbox, as it is already in you sent box (that is a gmail trick to save space). It is a good idea to do a test, but to do it correctly, you should ask a friend to send you a mail from a different mailbox.
    • Some mailbox will simply not work properly with our redirection system (like for instance hotmail).
    • A wrong address was used as the target of your cemsmail redirection.
    • In those two latest cases, the forward did never work.
    • Please check how you can Change the destination address of your @cemsmail.org email address
    • Make sure that your mail tool is aware of your cemsmail address. For instance, in Gmail, you have go to "Settings >> Accounts and import >> Send mail as"  (and you declare your cemsmail address as "not an alias")
    • If you think you missed a specific message, ask the sender the exact title they used, from which address, and look for message everywhere in your Mail tool. For instance, in Gmail, you can use "in:all" or "is:unread" additional tag in the search field or you could use the advanced search form and search the spam and the bin folders.
    • To make sure that you do not miss CEMS MIM related mailing, you should add the following emails to your mail contacts : mailing@cems.org, mailing-mim@cems.org, mailing-cp@cems.org, mailing-cf@cems.org, mailing-ae@cems.org, cems@cems.org, welcome@cems.org, info@cems.org, studentfee@cems.org

    If you still have some issues after taking those information into account, make sure to provide the following information when contacting the Global Office

  • How can I change the destination address of my @cemsmail.org email address ?

    How to change the destination address of your @cemsmail.org email address
    You can change your destination address from

    "My Profile >> Edit  >> Email"

    Messages sent to the CEMS Mail address are redirected towards this Email

    It is important to note that the CEMS server carries out updates every hour on the hour (0:00 1:00 2:00 ........23:00) This means that if you change the destination address at 13:55, it will be updated at 14:00 but if you change it at 14:05, it will not be updated until 15:00.
    Remember: Your @cemsmail.org email address is a lifelong 'forwarding address' only, which means that there is no “inbox” to check your messages. Instead, all messages sent to your @cemsmail.org address will be automatically forwarded to your chosen destination address. 

    Your @cemsmail address is listed in "Profile >> CEMS Life"

  • How do I change my password ?

    Use the Lost Password tool at https://www.cems.org/lostpassword

    If you do not have access to the mailbox you attached to your cems account
    To be able to use the Lost Password tool, you need to have access to the mailbox you attached to your cems.org account when you joined CEMS.

    If you do not have access to that mailbox please contact the us

  • How do I send an email FROM my cemsmail address ?

    The main service CEMS is providing, in term of mail, is an optional LEFA. A Lifelong Email Forwarding Address.
    It is really a simple forwarding. So no students/alumni can send emails using their CEMS mail. They have only the possibility to receive CEMS emails to their personal mailboxes.

  • I lost the Welcome message, how can I recover it?

    When I joined CEMS, a welcome message was sent to the email address I provided at the registration step. That message contained lots of very useful information on how to use the web site. It seems I lost it/I never received it/ I provided an incorrect email/ ...
    You'll need correct credentials to access to your private zone. If you are looking for a way to get your login/password, follow this link.

    A copy of your welcome message is available in your student Private Zone

Alumni Category
  • How do I choose a new target for your cemsmail.org address redirection or entirely deactivate that redirection

    You may want to choose a new target for your cemsmail redirection or entirely deactivate that redirection. 

    You should go there

    This is the opportunity to remind you that your cemsmail.org address is just a redirection (a LEFA). There is no mailbox attached to it. Nobody can send an email from a cemsmail.org address. If you receive emails that seem to come from a cemsmail.org address, it is just a trick from hackers to have their phishing operation looks more frightening. 

    LEFA: Lifelong Email Forwarding Address

  • How do I remove my CV from the CEMS CV database

    You may want to remove your CV from the CEMS CV database (currently hosted on DoYouBuzz)

    You should get there

    Click on "Click here to update my CV." If you do not see "Click here to update my CV", it means that either you haven't created a CEMS CV or that you already detached it from the CEMS database.

    You are transferred to the CV management platform DoYouBuzz.

    You Click on "Account" (top right) then "Connected apps" then "Apps" and then "Remove connection".
    By "Removing" you remove the CV from the CEMS CV database, but you keep your CV safe on our partner platform DoYouBuzz.

  • How do I delete my CEMS CV entirely

    You may want to remove your CV from the CEMS CV database (currently hosted on DoYouBuzz)

    You should get there

    Click on "Click here to update my CV." If you do not see "Click here to update my CV", it means that either you haven't created a CEMS CV or that you already detached it from the CEMS database.

    You are transferred to the CV management platform DoYouBuzz.

    You Click on "Account" (top right) then "Manage my account" then "Delete my account." You will be offer different options

  • How do I remove myself from the CEMS Career Centre

    You want to remove your profile from the CEMS career centre (Job board)

    You should get there

    Then you click on the top right profil logo, choose "Privacy", then click on "Modify" after the " You have agreed to share your information with your school or university. " And you can delete your account.

  • How do I delete any personal information from my CEMS Alumni Profile

    This year (2019), we are making a transition to a new Alumni Management platform.

    During a transition period, you will still see your profile on the old system, but that old profile will eventually be deleted (the current target is before the end of 2019). 

    The reference in term of data is your profile on https://www.cemsalumni.net

    You may want to remove any personal information you wish from that profile (emails, addresses, localisation, picture...).

    Be aware that CEMS is maintaining a core dataset with the information requires to be able to produce a certificate. These are the information you will not be able to modify from your cemsalumni.net profile.
    To respond to the GDPR recommendation, we are launching a task force to reevaluate how long we should keep that information.

  • I received this threatening mail/message. Is it for real or a scam/hack/phishing?

    We received regularly mails from CEMS alumni experimenting wave of phishing. The following is the standard explanation we are sending to try to reassure the targeted alumni

    Thank you for your email. We confirm that this corresponds to a typical phishing scheme and request that you kindly not click on any links nor respond to the message.

    We have received confirmation that the information obtained from the data breach has been used to send spam emails. A number of people have mentioned that they received a version of the email which includes a real password they've used in the past. Example: https://www.techlicious.com/blog/is-the-porn-blackmail-scam-real/comments-/CP2/ 

    What you should do now: 

    If you or anyone you know has received suspicious emails, please do not open any attachments, click on any links or provide any personal data or payments.
    Please ensure not to use that old password in any of your CEMS or other accounts. 
    You should also report these suspicious emails as spam in your mailing tool. 
    You may also wish to share this information with the police. Even though it is digital, this is a crime in most countries in which CEMS operates.
    Finally, as a gentle reminder, please ensure to regularly change your CEMS password as a security measure. 
    We strongly recommend a password manager like Dashlane or 1Password, which will automatically check your passwords to see if they have been revealed in a breach and help you create unique, secure ones for every site.

    Here are some password creation tips: 

    Your new password should be a minimum of 8 characters, which should contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 number, 1 symbol/special character, 1 lowercase letter 

    Do not use your old password 
    Do not use your name or something easily associated with you 
    Do not use your CEMS password with other accounts 
    We are constantly striving to improve our security, so if you would like to take one further step, we would be grateful if you could check if the mail you received travelled through the CEMS SMTP/email server.

    The way to proceed is to access the mail headers, described there


    If you find the following in the mail header, please share this with us and we can improve our anti-spam filtering criteria:

    Received: from mail.cems.org (brown.nexen.net. [])


    Received: by mail.cems.org (Postfix, from userid 500) id C912CA5F; Mon, 12 Nov 2018 15:57:16 +0100 (CET)

    If you do not see this, then the mailing is not coming from the CEMS system.

    We thank you again for sharing this with us and we regret any inconvenience this has caused. If you have any further questions, we’d be happy to help you in any way we can.