To help you quickly find answers to your most common questions, we collected the most frequently asked questions and provided the most applicable answers below. If you still can not find the answer to what you are looking for, please contact us.

Admissions FAQ
  • How do I apply for the CEMS MIM?

    The CEMS MIM is open to students enrolled in a master’s programme in Management or Economics, or other specialized master’s programmes at one of the CEMS schools or universities. 

    Prospective students apply to the CEMS schools directly. CEMS schools select candidates to the CEMS MIM based on common requirements but may also require additional documentations or qualifications based on local admissions requirements at the school.

    More details are available on the how to apply page. If you have any questions concerning a specific school, you can contact the Programme Manager listed on the school page from the school list

  • Can I apply to the CEMS MIM if I do not possess a bachelor’s degree in business?

    The majority of the CEMS students possess a bachelor’s degree in business, but there are certain students who come from non-business backgrounds provided that they can complete 60 ECTS of business courses before the start of the CEMS MIM year. This can be achieved by one of the following ways:

    • Declaring a minor in business related subjects which carries at least 60 ECTS in the bachelor’s programme 
    • Studying at least 60 ECTS of business courses in the bachelor’s programme
    • Studying at least 60 ECTS of business courses in the first year of the master’s programme

    If you have any questions concerning a specific school, you can contact the Programme Manager listed on the school page from the school list


  • Is it possible to apply to the CEMS MIM programme at more than one school?

    Yes, it is possible to apply to several CEMS MIM at different schools, however, be aware that there may be fees involved when applying. It is also important to note that admission requirements, application procedures and deadlines vary across CEMS schools. To enquire about the local admission details, you are advised to contact the Programme Manager listed on the school page from the school list.

  • Is GMAT/GRE required?

    GMAT/GRE is not a compulsory requirement joining the CEMS MIM. However, if the home school requires GMAT to get access to the local master’s programme, the candidate needs to provide a minimum score of 600 in GMAT Exam or 555 in GMAT Focus to be admitted into the CEMS MIM. 

Tuition and financial aid FAQ
  • Is there any tuition fee for the CEMS MIM?

    As you must be enrolled in a master’s programme at a CEMS school to join the CEMS MIM, there may be a tuition fee for the local master’s programme, and potentially a separate fee for the CEMS MIM. Tuition fees vary based on the school you choose to attend and the fees will be paid to your home school throughout the studies. Please contact the Programme Manager at your home school on the tuition details. You can find the contact information for the local Programme Manager on the school pages from the school list


  • What is the CEMS Student Registration and Handling Fee?

    The CEMS Student Registration and Handling Fee is used for supporting central services provided by the CEMS Global Office, including student and alumni portals, student records database, career services platforms, graduation checking, etc.

    Students are required to settle the fee at the start of the CEMS MIM year. Students not paying the fee will not have access to certain services such as study progress on the Student Portal, Global Online Elective Course offering, CEMS career services and eventually will be hindered from receiving the CEMS MIM certificate and diploma upon graduation.

    The current CEMS Student Registration and Handling Fee is 100 EURO. Starting from Academic Year 2026-27, the fee will be increased every year by 10 EURO for 5 years up to 150 EURO in Academic Year 2030-31.

    Academic Year

    CEMS Student Registration and Handling Fee


    100 EURO


    100 EURO


    110 EURO


    120 EURO


    130 EURO


    140 EURO


    150 EURO

    Please note that CEMS Student Registration and Handling fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

  • How much does the CEMS MIM year cost?

    In addition to the tuition fees (if any), there will be course materials and other related costs as required by the home school and/or host school, as well as lodging expenses, travelling expenses, and other expenses at both the home term and exchange term. Some CEMS schools may offer on campus accommodation. Please check with the Programme Manager at your home school and/or host school on the estimated expenses. It usually varies from country to country. 

  • What financial aid is available for the CEMS MIM?

    There is currently no global scholarship programme within CEMS, however, here is a list of some scholarships and financial aid programmes available at local CEMS schools. To find out more, you can contact the local Programme Manager on the school pages from the school list.


    Alternatively, there are institutions that offer loans to international students or government-supported student funds in certain countries. You may want to explore your eligibility and application details in your own country.

Academics FAQ
  • What is a CEMS Block Seminar?

    The CEMS Block Seminar is a one-week course that takes place at the beginning of Term 1 with professors and students from various CEMS schools. As the Block Seminar is a mandatory element of the programme that can under no circumstances be postponed & class attendance is mandatory. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they will be able to attend a block seminar at the beginning of the programme. The Block Seminar may have a fee.

  • What is a CEMS Skill Seminar?

    CEMS Skill Seminars are delivered as interactive class sessions and integrated into the programme to help students to develop their soft skills.

  • What is a Hard Skills course?

    Hard skills courses emphasize the training of students’ quantitative and computational skills and expertise. The main focus of these courses is not the theoretical/conceptual background of these skills but their application and implementation in preferably real business-decision settings. Students have to fulfill a minimum of 5 ECTS in elective courses focusing on hard skills during the CEMS MIM. Schools offer courses in different domains. Please check with the Programme Manager at your home school and/or host school on the course offering.

  • What is a Global Online Elective course?

    The CEMS Global Online Elective course is aimed at providing students access to courses across the alliance to add to their CEMS experience. This offer is uniquely available for current class year students in Term 1.

  • What is a Business Project?

    The Business Project is a consultancy-like project designed for students to gain real-life learning experience together with CEMS corporate and social partners. International student teams solve a real business problem as a one-term, part-time activity. It is one of the crucial components of the CEMS MIM which helps students to achieve the CEMS learning objectives

  • How many credits do students have to obtain per semester?

    A minimum of 24 ECTS must be validated to pass a semester. If not passed, the student is automatically disqualified from the CEMS MIM. A maximum of 37.5 ECTS can be validated by each semester. Any excessive ECTS in a semester will not be counted towards the graduation requirements.

  • What are the requirements to graduate from the CEMS MIM programme?

    To graduate, the CEMS student must have fulfilled all obligatory components and attained at least 66 ECTS for the CEMS MIM as well as completing her/his home degree. You can find more information on the CEMS grading & graduation page.

  • Where can students view their progress/how many ECTS they still need?

    You can find information regarding your academic progress by logging into the CEMS Portal and clicking on the tab “My Progress” or clicking on this link while logged in.

  • Is CEMS accredited?

    CEMS has associate membership with AACSB & EQUIS. All CEMS Academic Partners are accredited, please see individual schools for specific accreditation information. 

  • How does CEMS assure quality?

    CEMS conducts regular internal quality reviews of every CEMS MIM programme offered by a CEMS Academic Partner to ensure the highest possible quality experience for CEMS students around the world.

Language FAQ

Semester abroad FAQ

Internship FAQ
  • What is “abroad” for CEMS International Internship?

    CEMS defines abroad to mean outside the home school country. However, the Academic Directors have the responsibility to look at individual student cases and see what best fosters for them the learning outcome of “internationalism”. On this basis, the Academic Director may allow exceptions, if personal background justifies, such as originating from another country or having acquired secondary education or bachelor’s degree in different countries.

  • Will the home school / host school offer internship or provide career service?

    .There will be career services offered by the home school or host school but this varies across schools. The CEMS Global Office organizes an annual Career Forum and other regional events that participating corporate partners will offer internship opportunities. Students have the ultimate responsibility to look for internships by themselves and get the approval from their home school before starting the internship.

  • Can I work on the internship during my CEMS MIM academic term(s)?

    The CEMS MIM is a full-time programme while the internship has to be a full-time activity for at least 8 consecutive weeks. Overlapping of the internship with any of the CEMS MIM academic term(s) is not permitted.

  • Can I stay in my home country to work on the internship?

    Students must spend at least two out of the three terms abroad. Students either spend the internship abroad, or, when spending both academic terms abroad, they may pursue the internship at home, but within a company operating in an international environment.

    For the purposes of fulfilling the CEMS MIM graduation requirements, "abroad" is defined as outside the country of the home school. Students may apply to their Academic Director to be allowed to do their internship in the home school country when their personal background justifies this interpretation. This request may be considered if the student originates from another country or has acquired secondary education or bachelor's degree in different countries.

  • Do I need a work visa to work on an internship outside of my home country?

    Some companies require students to apply for a work visa on the internship. In this case, the company will normally guide through the process of visa application.

  • Is the internship paid or unpaid?

    This depends on whether the company of your choice offers paid or unpaid internships. There is no guarantee of paid internships.

Student Life FAQ
  • What housing options are available to students?

    CEMS is a partner of HousingAnywhere, an international student-to-student housing platform. Sign-up here to receive a CEMS VIP profile on HousingAnywhere.com

    As a student, intern, PhD candidate, researcher, or visiting professors of CEMS you are entitled to priority access to all accommodation available on HousingAnywhere.com. The platform allows you to choose from rooms listed by local students or verified landlords and securely book prior to your arrival.

    Keep in mind: The housing market in Europe is very seasonal. So if you don’t find a room listed right away check back regularly.

    Do you need more information or have a specific question? Send an email to vip@housinganywhere.com and be prioritized!


  • What Student Organizations are available?

    The CEMS Global Alliance has a highly energetic student body that impacts student life across the world. CEMS students are represented centrally by the Student Board (SB) with one representative from each school, while local activities are animated via CEMS Clubs (CC). To find out more about local CC activities or learn who is your current SB representative, log into your CEMS Portal. CEMS Clubs events will appear under “announcements” and the “My Schools” tab contains information regarding who are the current Student Board members and local CEMS Club presence. If you would like to join your local CC or become part of the SB, reach out to your school’s Programme Manager to learn more. You can find the contact information for the local Programme Manager on the school pages from the school list. More details are also available on the Student Life page.

  • What is the Student Board?

    The Student Board is the voice of CEMS students within the CEMS Global Alliance. The Student Board consists of one representative from each of the member schools, with a mission to enhance the CEMS experience for students and acting as the official voice of CEMS students, representing their interests before the Academic, Corporate and Administrative stakeholders of the CEMS Alliance. More details are available on the Student Life page.

  • Who is my CEMS Student Board Representative?

    Every CEMS member school has one representative on the CEMS Student Board per school. To find out who is your current representative, log into your CEMS Portal and click on My Schools. Under Student Life, you will find the list of Student Board members.

  • How can I reach out to the CEMS Student Board?

    If you have any questions for the CEMS Student Board, you can contact them via studentboard@cemsmail.org

  • What is a CEMS Club?

    Each school has a CEMS Club, run by CEMS students, which animates student life through local events and activities involving CEMS alumni and Corporate/Social Partners, supporting both home school students and incoming students to make the most of their local experience. More details are available on the Student Life page.

  • How can I get in contact with a specific CEMS Club?

    If you would like to get in touch with a specific CEMS Club, please contact the local Programme Manager for that club

Corporate Partnerships FAQ

Account Access FAQ
  • How do I manage my cemsmail address?

    Your cemsmail address is a redirection toward the mailbox you provided when you joined the CEMS Alliance. 

    If you would like to change the redirection:

    • You can change your destination address via the CEMS Portal in the personal e-mail field.
    • Messages sent to the CEMS email address are redirected towards this email address. Any updates may take up to 1 hour to complete. Your @cemsmail.org email address is a 'forwarding address' only, which means that there is no “inbox” to check your messages. Instead, all messages sent to your @cemsmail.org address will be automatically forwarded to your chosen destination address. Your @cemsmail address is listed in "CEMS Portal >> CEMS Life"

    If you are not receiving mail, it is possible that :

    • Your mailbox hosting platform may have strong anti-spam filters, so be sure to check your spam folders and mark these messages as safe. To make sure that you do not miss CEMS MIM related mailing, you should add the following emails to your mail contacts : mailing@cems.org, mailing-mim@cems.org, mailing-cp@cems.org, mailing-cf@cems.org, mailing-ae@cems.org, cems@cems.org, welcome@cems.org, info@cems.org, studentfee@cems.org
    • A wrong address was used as the target of your cemsmail redirection. Make sure that your mail tool is aware of your cemsmail address. For instance, in Gmail, you have go to "Settings >> Accounts and import >> Send mail as"  (and you declare your cemsmail address as "not an alias")
    • If you send a mail from your gmail account to your own cemsmail address, you will not see that message in your inbox, as it is already in your gmail sent box. To to do a test, ask a friend to send you an email from a different mailbox. Also note that some mailboxes will simply not work properly with our redirection system (eg. hotmail).

    If you still have some issues after taking those information into account, make sure to provide the following information when contacting the Global Office

  • How do I change my password ?

    Use the Lost Password tool at https://www.cems.org/lostpassword. To be able to use the Lost Password tool, you need to have access to the mailbox you attached to your cems.org account when you joined CEMS. If you do not have access to that mailbox please contact us.

  • I lost the Welcome message, how can I recover it?

    A copy of this message is in your CEMS Portal. Please login and you will find this message on https://cems.org/private/student/welcome_message (must be logged in)

  • How do I regain access to my CEMS Portal and/or CEMS Alumni Platform?

    Step 1:  Go to https://www.cems.org/lostpassword
    Step 2:  You will receive a time sensitive link to reset your password via email (check spam messages). If the email you use has not been previously listed in your CEMS profile, then an email from the Alumni Team will be sent to confirm your identity, we will need a scan of one of the following:  
    a valid ID (i.e. passport, international identity card, etc.)
    CEMS MIM Certificate
    Once your identity has been verified and your new email has been added to your profile, you will receive an email to reset your password.  After you have chosen a new password, you may access the CEMS Alumni Platform.

  • How do I remove my profile or CV from the CEMS CV database?

    Step 1: Log onto your CEMS Portal and select "Click here to update my CV." on this link. If you do not see "Click here to update my CV", it means that either you haven't created a CEMS CV or that you already detached it from the CEMS database. 
    Step 2: You will be transferred to the CV management platform DoYouBuzz. You Click on "Account" (top right) then "Manage my account" then "Delete my account." 

Alumni FAQ
  • Now that I have graduated from CEMS, how can I continue to be involved in the CEMS Community as an alumni?

    There are several ways you can stay in touch with the CEMS community and other CEMSies after graduating.

    • Donate to support the CEMS Alumni Community.
    • Join one or several of our local chapters or global groups around the globe
    • Participate in 200+ social & professional events worldwide (find event calendar or join the biggest CEMS event of the year: the CEMS Annual Events)
    • Become a CEMS alumni mentor (in only 3 minutes) to provide your professional experience to CEMS students or other CEMS alumni on the CEMS Mentoring Platform. Alternatively, you can also sign in with your cemsmail and request career consultation from 1200+ CEMS alumni advisors.
    • Become a CEMS alumni mentor locally through the SAMP (Student & Alumni Mentoring Program). This program matches students and alumni to provide support and advice on studies, internships, exchange semesters, applications or career choices locally. It also can create new friendships and a unique long time relationship among the participants.Inquire with your local CEMS school today.
    • Provide a webinar or panel discussion to fellow CEMS alumni and/or students.
    • Offer a Business Project or Skills Seminar.
    • Provide a company visit to fellow alumni or students.
    • Provide an alumni interview or podcast.
    • Connect with fellow alumni: https://www.cemsalumni.net/page/networking
  • Where can I find the CEMS Alumni Toolkit?

    You can find the toolkit here (must be logged into the CEMS Alumni Platform to access) 

  • How do I find my CEMS MIM Certificate?

    You can download a copy of your certificate here (must be logged into the CEMS Alumni Platform to access) 

  • How do I apply for CAA membership?

    You can apply for CAA member ship by following this link