Graduation Requirement: Keys to a successful MIM programme completion

To graduate, CEMS students must have successfully completed all obligatory components for both the home degree and the CEMS MIM, including the following:

1) Have graduated from a local master’s programme officially connected to the CEMS MIM

2) Have completed minimum 66 ECTS of CEMS MIM programme elements

  • Block Seminar at the beginning of CEMS MIM Term 1: 3 ECTS
  • Courses of which minimum one course is in Global Strategy, one course in Global Leadership during the CEMS MIM year; course(s) in hard skills of total min. 5 ECTS during the CEMS MIM: min. 45 ECTS
  • Global Citizenship Seminar in CEMS MIM Term 2: 1 ECTS
  • Business Project in CEMS MIM Term 2: 15 ECTS
  • Skill Seminars: min. 2 ECTS

3) Have spent at least two of the three CEMS MIM terms abroad

4) Have completed a consecutive 8-week international Internship on first-job level

5) Have fulfilled the minimum language requirements. :

  • Have passed a  language with a minimum level of B1 oral and B1 written
  • Have successfully completed an elementary study of a third language on an elementary level

Upon successful completion of all programme requirements, students will be eligible to be awarded the CEMS Master in International Management. Students have a maximum of 1.5 years to complete the CEMS MIM after graduating from their home degree. Learn more about the graduation rules in the Student Guide

The Graduation Ceremony takes place each year during the CEMS Annual Events (usually at the end of November) which is hosted by one of the CEMS member schools. Graduates attend the Graduation Ceremony in the year of their graduation, and become part of a committed, active and rewarding CEMS world-wide alumni network

CEMS Graduation Cairo