Alumni network

Over +21,000  ambassadors of the CEMS Global Alliance, working together across the world to promote the CEMS mission: global citizenship, cultural diversity, professional responsibility & accountability and positive impact on society as a whole.

Alumni of the CEMS MIM represent 108 nationalities, speaking 60+ languages and working in over 75+ countries as corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in a range of industries like consulting, consumer goods, technology, finance, healthcare and much more.

CEMS Alumni Profile Statistics


were employed or continuing their studies


worked outside of their home country


have worked abroad and on average for 5 years outside their home country in 2-3 different countries**


have worked for a CEMS Corporate  Partner


would recommend the CEMS experience to others

note: Statistics are based on the Student and Alumni Survey conducted in 2023



Alumni Interviews

CEMS is much more than an academic programme. When you join CEMS, you become part of a community. There’s huge power in being part of a global network and we are proud to share with you our shining stars.

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CEMS offers two mentoring services, the CEMS Mentoring Platform (online) and the Student-Alumni Mentorship Programme (in person).

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Alumni Initiatives

Equipped with the knowledge, values, connections, and most importantly, the global mindset needed to lead, CEMS Alumni ensure our constantly changing world changes for the better. Here are a few initiatives that really stand out.

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CEMS Entrepreneurs (CE)

The CEMS Entrepreneurs group supports students and alumni in their entrepreneurial journey. They are focused on fostering exchange and collaboration, promoting learning opportunities as well as raising the importance of entrepreneurship within the CEMS community.

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Alumni Platform

The CEMS Alumni Platform is the meeting place for all CEMS Alumni. Connect with each other via the live global finder and let your friends know you are in town. Promote or attend events, check out lifelong learning and mentoring opportunities and so much more.

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