CEMS Master in International Management

WHAT is the CEMS MIM? 

The CEMS MIM is a joint master’s programme offered by a Global Alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies and NGOs that together offer one of the top ranked master’s programmes in management globally. The CEMS MIM is a compelling choice for those seeking a truly versatile and geographically mobile international career as the joint curriculum is co-created and refined by faculty academic directors from our 33 member schools, with input from its 70+ CEMS Corporate Partners, 8 Social Partners, as well as CEMS students and alumni. 

HOW do we deliver the CEMS MIM? 

The CEMS MIM comprises a constantly renewed, practice-oriented curriculum that achieves one of the main goals of the Alliance as a whole: to link academic theory with business practice, improving both.

The CEMS MIM core curriculum consists of courses co-developed by the 33 top business schools. It is complemented with exclusive and unique courses reflecting the most contemporary business trends. They stem from the strengths and diversity of the stakeholders of our vast network.

From the moment you are accepted into the CEMS MIM, you are on a path to grow as a responsible leader. In doing so,

  • You will be held to the highest standards of ethical and social responsibility as well as professional integrity
  • You will be exposed to interdisciplinary challenges within an international context
  • You will have access to best-in-class and hybrid teaching methods as well as a diverse curriculum
  • You will be required to adopt an analytical and critical attitude
  • You will be trained in collaboration with world renowned organisations by consolidating theoretical and experiential learning
  • You will be a part of a global community taking part in exclusive international networking events and seizing employment opportunities


Faces of CEMS


Your CEMS MIM journey includes:

  • Experiencing a global lifestyle through studying abroad in one or two schools of the alliance apart from your home school 
  • Choosing from a broad set of locally and globally offered electives to develop new capabilities and competencies 
  • Networking with Corporate and Social Partners in the curriculum and beyond 
  • Accessing the network of all CEMS schools, students and alumni, participating either physically or virtually  in global and/or regional events 
  • Traveling, connecting and networking with CEMS students through the various CEMS clubs activities and overseas meetings happening all year around
  • Enhancing your CV and accessing new opportunities via the Skill Seminars and CEMS career fairs


- To learn about the framework of the programme curriculum across the CEMS network, please refer to the Curriculum page.

- To learn about the specific CEMS MIM curriculum offered by one of our CEMS schools, please refer to our school list and click on the school of your interest to read their MSc and MIM fact sheet.

- Learn more about the global requirements needed and our selection criteria for CEMS candidates on the How to Apply page.

- For more information regarding the CEMS MIM Programme, please consult the Student Guide