CEMS Courses

Programme Description

Besides the mandatory courses, students are invited to build upon their individual course plan through electives, exclusives, and open elective courses. In order to facilitate students in arranging their study plan, we explain below the CEMS course structure and requirements.

Students must pass CEMS Courses accounting for 45 ECTS credits in the MIM Programme.

During Term 1, students have to successfully complete a CEMS Course in the field of Global Strategy.

During Term 2, similarly, students have to successfully complete a CEMS Course in the field of Global Leadership. These specified courses are offered exclusively to CEMS students and are offering a large variety of topics.

The remaining Elective and Exclusive (elective offered only to CEMS students) CEMS Courses are a selection of the best variety of courses with an International Management profile chosen from the portfolio of the member institutions.

Subject to the local programme portfolio, schools may also offer Open Elective Courses outside the Management/Business field in History/Philosophy/Political Science/Languages etc. to develop a more holistic view.

A list of courses at each institution can be found by clicking on your chosen school from the School List and selecting the "Programme Offer" tab.

Please note: the student’s home school has the right to determine if a language course taken as an Open Elective should be credited and counted towards the home degree.

Flexibility Rules Applying to All Other CEMS Courses

During the MIM year only:

CEMS Electives accounting for a maximum of 7.5 ECTS can be substituted by a Research Project. Coursework can include Open Electives worth up to a total of 7.5 ECTS.

One year before or after the MIM year:

CEMS Courses and Skills Seminars, accounting for a maximum of 15 ECTS credits, may be taken outside the MIM year. This flexibility rule is subject to local regulation and may not be offered at all institutions. Credits taken before the start of the MIM Programme will not have any influence on the selection process, may not have been accredited for a Bachelor’s degree and cannot be substituted by a Research Project as above.

After application of all flexibility rules, a student must ALWAYS successfully pass a minimum of 24 ECTS per term, and will be able to credit a maximum of 37.5 ECTS per term.

This includes courses, the Block Seminar & Global Citizenship Seminar, Skill Seminars and the Business Project. Credits taken prior to or after the MIM year do not affect this requirement.

The following are subject to local decision:

  • Allowance of one re-sit per course
  • Minimum class attendance during the term

For further information and a deeper presentation of our courses, please contact the CEMS MIM Programme Manager of your chosen school from the School List.