CEMS Consulting Cup 2023

The CEMS Consulting Cup is a yearly event organised by the CEMS Student Board and McKinsey & Company during the CEMS Career Forum 2023. It will take place on November 10 in ESADE Business School, from 1pm CEST. During this 4-hour session, participants will work around a case connected to economic impact & sustainability and learn various essential abilities from one of the leading consultancies in the world.
This is the official banner for the CEMS Consulting Cup. It includes a picture of students and a company discussing, on a white background with pieces of blue and yellow to compliment the image. In addition, people can read about the Save the Date, the official event date, the organisers' logo and the McKinsey & Company logo.

Kickstart your career and learn from experienced consultants from McKinsey & Company! 

Solve real-life consulting cases connected to sustainability and social responsibility in a team of 4-5 CEMSies from all over the world. During this 4-hour session, you will work around a case connected to economic impact & sustainability, show your skills, receive on-site mentoring and training from McKinsey & Company and learn various essential abilities from one of the leading consultancies in the world.

Use this exclusive opportunity to get insights from consultants and expand your knowledge! Apply for this skill seminar from August 14th (2pm CEST) to August 28th (6pm CEST) directly on the CEMS Career Center and attend the in-person event on November 10th at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

Please read the important information below before registering.

What are skill seminars?

Skill seminars are training seminars in practical skills accredited with ECTS. They are a unique opportunity for CEMS students to develop their talents and skills, and to acquire knowledge from the Corporate Partners in a truly global setting.

The event will take place as follows:

  • Apply via the Career Center from 14th until 28th of August - upload your CEMS CV* and answer a few questions to convince us that you are the right candidate for this event!  *please note that your CEMS CV will be shared with the Organising Team and McKinsey & Company.
  • Once you have applied, you will receive an email confirming that you have applied. This does NOT confirm that you have been selected.
  • The review of your applications and selection process will take place starting from August 28th
  • Once selected, you will receive an email from the Career Center AND from the Organising Team to confirm your selection. Please note that once you have received this email, you are officially considered as registered for the Consulting Cup as a skill seminar and therefore your presence is considered as MANDATORY. Make sure to carefully read through the event page below for all rules about mandatory presence.
  • Once selected, you will be accredited of 0.25 ECTS for your participation. These ECTS will be accredited after the CEMS Career Forum, at the end of November.

Important information to know before registering

Please note that you can only participate in ONE skill seminar during the CEMS Career Forum. Once you have been officially approved for this Consulting Cup, your profile will be shared with the CEMS Career Forum Organising Team which means you will not be able to participate in any other skill seminars. This is designed to offer every CEMS students a fair chance to participate.

Confirmation emails will be sent out during the second week of September therefore we STRONGLY recommend applying to the Consulting Cup AND the other skill seminars during the CEMS Career Forum. If you are selected for the Consulting Cup, you'll be removed from the registration list of other skill seminars taking place on November 10th.

Once your registration has been confirmed by the CEMS Global Office, your presence is considered as MANDATORY. In case you cannot attend the seminar, it is mandatory to let the Organising Team know min. 10 working days in advance. Closer to the start, a medical certificate has to be provided or a serious personal reason has to be presented to be excused from attending.

If none of the above applies and a student does NOT show up, then the following sanctions apply: the student will NOT be allowed to register for skill seminars for the current and following term in any of the CEMS member schools. In addition, this person will be put on the last place list of preference for skill seminars.


For any questions, please contact the CEMS Student Board or careerforum@cems.org.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy this unique opportunity to develop yourselves into tomorrow’s responsible leaders.

The CEMS Consulting Cup at the CEMS Student Board.