CEMS Webinar Series :  From CEMS to MBB consulting, to scaling a tech business...

To kick off 2021, the CEMS Webinar Series will cover corporate strategy insights including innovations and trends in B2B primary research.  More than 1,000 CEMSies work in strategy consulting. Another 1,000 have gone on to become business founders, join us Jan. 28th to dive in & ask your burning questions to Max Friberg, CEMS Alumnus 2014.
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Max Friberg, CEMS Alumnus 2014 (SSE & IIMC) will share his personal entrepreneurship journey, going from CEMS to strategy consulting, to starting and scaling a tech business.

Take this opportunity to connect, whether you're contemplating your next career move or want to discuss the journey with peers. This event is open to the entire CEMS community.

Read more about Max Friberg here. Max worked at McKinsey & Company in Stockholm and co-founded Inex One in 2018, and now serves more than 150 clients around the globe, including multiple CEMS Corporate Partners. Max regularly contributes to the CEMS alumni group, mentoring current students, and was part of hosting the 2016 CEMS graduation ceremony in Stockholm.  

NB:  This event is open to the entire CEMS Community.