[CF-2021] CV Advice Coaching Sessions with Corporate Partners

CV Advice Coaching Sessions are organized as part of the CEMS Career Forum 2021. These sessions aim to provide CEMS students with personalized feedback from recruiters about how to enhance and make the perfect CV. They will be held individually by 8 CEMS Corporate Partners throughout October.

CV Advice Coaching Sessions with Corporate Partners

Get to know how to create a successful CV!

Apply for an online CV Advice Coaching Session and use this unique opportunity to get guidance from any of our 8 CEMS Corporate Partners. The sessions' main focus is to give students advice on how to make the ideal CV in order to maximize their chances to get selected for a pre-scheduled interview or chat during the live day of the CEMS Career Forum 2021. 

During a 15-minute one-to-one online chat with a CEMS Corporate Representative students will receive specialized knowledge from experts about the do's & dont's of an effective CV and get tips and tricks to enhance a CV. Prepare a CV that you would like to discuss with the Corporate Partner Representative, update your CEMS Career Center profile and make sure that you properly research the Corporate Partners to make the best out of this exclusive chance to get personalised tips from the CEMS Corporate Partners.

Get ready to apply on September 20 (2pm Paris). You will be able to select one session with one company.  The number of spots is limited and the registration is on a first-come first-served basis, so be quick to get the session with your preferred company.

You can register for this activity through the CEMS Career CenterPlease ensure that you are free on the slot that you have selected. The details of the session will be coordinated later after registration is closed.

Be ready for the CEMS Career Forum! We are looking forward to seeing you online.