Digital Ethics: Can Corporate Ethical Review Boards Protect Us from Rogue Algorithms?

Every week brings news of another company receiving a multimillion Euro fine for violating the digital rights of employees, customers, or citizens.
HEC CEMS Webinar 09 JUNE 2022


Europe has the strictest digital protections in the world but, curiously fewer than 5% of European companies have independent, ethical review committees which could protect companies and citizens by evaluating the data and computational ethics of their machine learning projects.

You are cordially invited to join the webinar to learn how companies in Europe and the USA are managing the problems that unethical use of consumer and employee data create when machine learning is used to market products, hire and fire people, reject loan applications, and other error prone decision tools. But you will also learn about the tremendous potential the big data sets and advance AI can offer to our societies. The challenge is to simultaneously promote and tame these powerful tools. Your questions will be welcome.

Professor's Segalla Digital Ethics and Machine Learning survey accrued almost 1000 CEMS alumni responses, which will be presented during the webinar with input from our distinguished speakers.