Student Board Meeting - Fall 2021

The CEMS Student Board consists of elected representatives from each CEMS school. It serves a dual role by advocating for the students’ opinions, and managing projects on a global scale, while supporting the CEMS Clubs. The Student Board meets twice a year, during spring and fall to onboard new representatives, address various strategic topics and launch the new semester. This year, the Student Board Meeting Fall 2021 will be held from September 26 to October 3rd, in a hybrid format online and in Prague.
CEMS Student Board Meeting - Fall 2021

After an exciting and busy first half the year, the CEMS Student Board is currently in the process of organizing its first hybrid Student Board Meeting for the fall, from September 26 to October 3rd.

While part of the meeting will continue to take place virtually, we will get the Student Board together physically for our closing weekend. This way, we hope to provide a chance to all the hard-working, dedicated and engaged Student Board Representatives to meet at last in person in Prague in October. In this regard we already want to say a big thank you to VSE for having accepted to host us for a weekend of socializing, team building and some sightseeing.

More information about content and topics addressed will be shared later after the meeting.

We are really looking forward to further the work on the great variety of projects the Student Board is involved in and reuniting the members of the Student Board!