Unlearn Management Wisdoms Workshop

What if tomorrow you discovered that your most cherished management wisdoms turned out to be wrong? How would your organisation deal with that change? The University of Sydney Business School in partnership with CEMS invites you to an exciting new workshop which challenges taken-for-granted models, frameworks and ideas about management.

About the Event

It’s time to unlearn zombie management wisdoms. The crisis of replication in social psychology has highlighted how many of the established theories we rely on in curriculum and organisations become misappropriated, discredited, debunked, or are no longer context appropriate as the world moves on. This has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which threw into question or invalidated established business logics and practices. Many such theories in need of retiring can be found in organizational behaviour and social psychology (e.g. social primes, growth mindset, work-life balance), management and strategy (e.g. disruptive innovation, intrapreneurship, network effects), and are popularised by bestsellers and TED talks. These findings live on in the media, organisations, and among our students and alumni. 

This online workshop, funded by the CEMS Development Fund, will rally CEMS corporate partners and academics to discuss and debate such ideas and to develop strategies for unlearning unhelpful theories within organisations. It will be followed by the development of a dedicated online repository to disseminate educational resources to the CEMS community.

Unlearn Management Wisdoms Workshop flyer