31st CEMS ANNUAL EVENTS - Vienna 2019

The Annual Events, hosted in by WU Vienna, welcomed a new CEMS Academic Member, 7 new Corporate Partners, and celebrated 3 CEMS Alumni of the Year, Outstanding Contribution to the CEMS MIM (new), Courses and school of the year as well as the graduation of over a thousand students across the globe.
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The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business will be the second business school on the African continent to join CEMS – the Global Alliance in Management Education

“UCT GSB is delighted to be joining the CEMS community as the second institution on the African continent to offer the unique CEMS Master of International Management (MIM).  We look forward to providing our CEMS MIM students a world class management education coupled with a rich contextual setting for understanding business in emerging markets,” says Dr Beverly Shrand, Academic Director of the UCT GSB CEMS MIM

“This year we welcomed the University of Cape Town to the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education. Founded more than 170 years ago, UCT GSB today shares with CEMS a strong commitment to tolerance, diversity and inclusion. It also believes in education that instills in students the skills to lead with imagination, optimism and a desire to benefit others. UCT GSB’s membership continues this tradition of excellence and underlines the truly global nature of the Alliance,’” says Greg Whitwell, CEMS Chair and Dean of the University of Sydney Business School.

Partnerships continue to grow with the Induction of 7 New CEMS Corporate Partners. 

CEMS Corporate Partnership (CP) is an exclusive academic-corporate collaboration in which CPs contribute to various activities across the globe including involvement in the CEMS MIM program and benefit from privileged access to a global pool of top talent from the world's leading business schools. Part of the CEMS vision is to nurture a responsible and ethical approach to management that graduates will then take into the working world. With the involvement of Social Partners (SPs) - in the classroom, in research and conferences or in the governance of CEMS - the CEMS Global Alliance and all its stakeholders benefit from this exposure and dialogue.

This year CEMS introduced 7 new CPs into the Alliance, including CPs: Lufthansa, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, Luxottica, LG Chem, Integration Consulting, Amplifon, and Anheuser-Busch InBev.

“We are truly delighted to welcome 7 CPs as new members of the alliance and very much look forward to working with them, joining a global community in preparing CEMS students to become the leaders of tomorrow,” says Nicole de Fontaines, CEMS Secretary General.

Graduation, Awards Ceremony and the election of Alumni of the Year 

Thanks to the great hospitality of the WU Vienna staff and student helpers, the CEMS Graduation Ceremony at the Marx Halle with 1197 graduates receiving their diploma both on and off stage was a huge success.

“As in previous years, the students who graduated in Vienna are privileged young people who have benefited from an educational experience that is the envy of so many others who are less privileged. The CEMS students have acquired skills and capabilities that give them the opportunity to lead; to be change agents; to question assumptions; to challenge norms; to create something new and better. With privilege comes responsibility to contribute to a more open, sustainable and inclusive world. The future is now in the hands of our graduates and I look forward to them creating something that allows others less privileged to benefit from it,” says Whitwell

The CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) introduced the winners of the Alumni of the Year Award as Rebekka Grun von Jolk (Senior), Kinga Jentetics (Mid-Career), and Nina Mohanty (Junior).

The graduation ceremony also included the announcement of the winners for the 2018-2019 MIM awards of the year including:

Outstanding Contribution to the CEMS MIM: CEMS Climate Change Course and Model UNFCCC taught at ESADE, UB, SGH, CUB, HSG, UoC, SSE, WU and RSM

Course of the Year Strategy: Ciaran Heavey, International Business and Strategy, UCD Smurfit

Global Management Practice: Günter Stahl, Responsible Global Leadership, WU Vienna

Business Project of the Year: Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Sector, University of St. Gallen and Bayer

CEMS School of the Year: University of St. Gallen


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