Career Forum 2022: Event Key Highlights

Career Forum 2022, the annual corporate networking and recruitment event, took place in ESADE Business School in Barcelona on November 4 – 5. The in-person event welcomed 300 + recruiters from 45 Corporate Partners and over 900 students and alumni!
Career Forum 2022 Moments

The Career Forum is noted as the headline event of the CEMS Year! It is the ideal opportunity for CEMS students and young alumni to meet and interact with numerous CEMS Corporate Partners all in one place. Through this experience students learn about internships and permanent job positions, as well as expand their social and professional networks. It is also an occasion for CEMS Corporate Relations Managers and Program Managers from the CEMS member schools to come together for CRM meetings and other networking activities.

On November 4, Corporate Partners organized skill seminars for students which included 26 Skill Seminars in total with 500 students registered! These skill seminars offer Corporate Partners and students an opportunity to engage in a dialogue about different topics ranging from diversity & inclusion to hyper automation in industries.

"It is always a pleasure working with CEMS students, they’re very participative, they really get engaged and they’re open to having discussions. It’s not a normal lecture for 2 or 4 hours, skill seminars are a chance for you to really get involved with the students and see how interested they are in the topics and it’s quite enjoyable for both corporate partners and students". – Roboyo

On November 5, the ESADE campus was buzzing with excitement! The Rambla pathway was lined up with tents set up for the CEMS Student Board members, and for Alumni, and leading students to the CV photo booth in the student lounge. Several activities were happening simultaneously- while over 29 Corporate Coffee Talks were taking place at the Main Building, over 800 pre-scheduled interviews and 1-1 Chats were going on at Creapolis & Main Building in the ESADE campus. Three main areas were dedicated to company stands for the job fair, hosting 45 Corporate Partners coming from a wide range of industries!

"The commitment of the students and how open they are and think of more questions, is really impressive!” – Richemont

The day event on November 4 was followed by a stylish evening networking cocktail & dinner at the Fàbrica Moritz with the CEMS community including Corporate Partners, Program Managers, Corporate Relations Managers and the CEMS Global Office; And November 5 evening saw a colorful celebration at the Career Forum party with the entire CEMS community including students and alumni.


According to our student & alumni survey, 85% were very happy and satisfied with the interaction opportunities provided by corporate representatives through Pre-scheduled Interviews & Corporate Coffee Talks, and 89% of them were extremely satisfied with the quality of the skill seminars. Also, as a staple CEMS event, 98.5% of the attendees would recommend the CEMS Career Forum to a fellow CEMSie! 

Additionally, the Career Forum 2022 received a 85% approval rating from the Corporate Partners for the overall organisation of the event! In addition, more than 80% of our Corporate Partners attending the event already confirmed their participation for 2023! This translates to a major success from an event organization point of view!

We extend a big thank you to all the stakeholders including CPs, students, alumni, CRMS, and PMs for adding to such a great CEMS Career Forum event and we look forward to welcoming you again next year in Barcelona at the ESADE Business School for the Career Forum 2023! 

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Thank you for your participation
Career Forum 2022 Thank you for your participation