CEMS Alumni Assoc. and CEMS Local Alumni Chapters reunite in the City of Lights

After two years of virtual meetings, the CEMS Alumni Assoc. (CAA) and CEMS Local Alumni Chapters came together face to face in Paris this past June 18th, 2022, for their pre-summer meeting and discussed the current state and future of CEMS alumni.
CAA & LCs Meeting_18 JUNE 2022

Kindly hosted at the Viva Tech 2022 conference, Rebeca Ehrnrooth, CAA President, led the discussion, and was joined by Daniel Crossley, newly elected CAA Global Alumni Community Engagement Chair, where he explored the current alumni needs and future benefits.  Local Alumni Chapters from around the globe consisting of CEMS Alumni from a variety of cohorts (France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Turkey) added to the workshop, which left an upbeat plethora of opportunity for the CEMS Alumni.  Some topics addressed during the collaboration included lifelong learning, the student-to-alumni journey, impact and purpose, just to name a few. The CEMS Global Office Executive Director, Nicole de Fontaines, and CEMS Alumni Relations Team (Triona Campbell and Melissa Morelet-Weaver) and Fiona O'Sullivan, the University of Sydney Business School, also contributed to the event by discussing CEMS global initiatives with an alumni focus, such as alumni at CEMS Corporate Partners, the graduate profile and alumni engagement with CEMS Academic members.

In addition, the CEMS Entrepreneurs joined the conversation, expressing their will to co-collaborate with CEMS Alumni with future initiatives.  Keep an eye out for their events at the Eat, Sleep, CEMS Repeat party Meetup as well as a Berlin Startup Meetup in September.  

The meeting concluded with much enthusiasm and nostalgia, leaving a bright future for CEMS alumni.  We would like to kindly thank Viva Tech and the organizing staff again for their support and services.  

 The CAA will be offering CEMSies many opportunities in the near future from network occasions to career development and social impact opportunities.  Make sure to connect on the CEMS Alumni Platform to see what lies ahead this Fall 2022: Estoril ConferencesRSM Leadership Summit 2022 and CEMS Annual Events 2022 in Cairo.  You’ll have an opportunity to meet your fellow CEMS Alumni and CEMS Alumni Association at upcoming events and grow your network even further. 

And remember your CEMS journey doesn’t stop after graduation: once a CEMSie, always a CEMSie… Stay bright CEMSies.

CAA & LCs Meeting - June 18, 2022 - Paris