CEMS Career Forum connections: learn more about Gartner

CEMS alum, Yascha Soltanzadeh, joined Gartner in 2017 as a Strategy Consultant. Over the past six and a half years, he has grown his career with Gartner and was most recently promoted to a Managing Partner in July 2023. Read on to learn more about Yascha’s role at Gartner, how CEMS helped prepare him for his career, and his advice to anyone interested in working at Gartner.
Yascha Soltanzadeh

Can you share some information about your experience at a CEMS affiliated university to prepare you for your first role? What skills were transferable to your experience at Gartner?

At both my home university, the Rotterdam School of Management, as well as my exchange university, the University of St Gallen, I was able to gain practical experience in managerial topics while also taking advantage of the opportunity of selecting classes which had more of a technology focus. This helped me to advance in the fields I was most interested in when entering the business world and it was all rounded off with my CEMS Business Project where we were tasked to identify and qualify Big Data and Analytics use cases for the (re-)insurance industry. Throughout my CEMS studies I gained valuable tools and methods for solving difficult real-life problems while learning to deal with and appreciate different perspectives from students with multicultural backgrounds. This helps me to this day when working with executives across large and medium scale international corporations.


What made you want to apply for a role at Gartner?

There were two main reasons for joining Gartner Consulting. First, Gartner is one of the largest Research and Advisory companies in the world and is most renowned for its cutting-edge insights when it comes to business and IT. As a knowledge thirsty young professional, I could not ask for more. The level of information depth and breadth I was provided access to was incomparable. This accelerated my learning curve exponentially. The second reason builds upon the first, in that within the consulting practice, these insights were used to drive actionable results for our clients applying best practices and trends to their specific context. Moving beyond pure experience-based consulting to fact-based and data-driven consulting approach was something I could only do at Gartner.


What does the average day look like for you?

As a Managing Partner, I spend my time on a variety of activities. This includes a number of account management activities as well as running client meetings in the context of C-Level Advisory, Sparring Sessions and Business Development. Another big part of my day is engaging with different project delivery and practice teams. This may involve problem-solving or brainstorming sessions with our delivery consultants and subject matter experts or strategic meetings on trends and Gartner consulting offerings.


How has your team, manager, and/or Gartner as a whole supported your career growth and development?

My team, manager, and Gartner as a whole have been foundational in my career advancement. Through a combination of hands-on training, mentorship, and exposure to challenging projects, Gartner has consistently fostered an environment of growth and innovation. Their commitment to open dialogue and regular feedback loops has allowed me to continuously refine my skill set, align my aspirations with the company's vision, and cultivate a path that's both personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding.


What advice do you have for someone who is in the process of applying for a role/interviewing for a role at Gartner?

When applying or interviewing for a role at Gartner, it's crucial to showcase both your industry knowledge and your passion for continuous learning. Dive deep into Gartner's research, publications, and services to demonstrate your familiarity with their contributions to the tech and consulting sectors. Emphasize your adaptability and commitment to client success, as these are central to Gartner's values. Finally, approach the process as a two-way street, asking insightful questions that reflect your genuine interest in understanding the company's culture and vision.