CEMS Global Alumni Week 2021, a Success

This month, CEMSies from around the globe came together for the Global Alumni Week 2021 - from the east coast of the U.S. & Canada to central Europe (Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland & the UK), Turkey and the APAC region (Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, & Singapore). GAW 2021 was organized by the CEMS Student Board /CEMS Alumni Relations team.
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A unique opportunity to get together, apart

The Global Alumni Week (GAW) offers great learning & networking opportunities and strengthens student & alumni relations both locally and indeed globally.  Inclusive of all CEMS stakeholders, notably from the CEMS Student Board Global Integration & Taskforce and Digital Innovation teams, local CEMS Clubs, and representatives from CEMS Corporate Partners, Schools, Local Alumni Chapters, CEMS Entrepreneurs and students. Participants were able to connect, exchange and learn from one another digitally during this year’s GAW all while conquering the boundaries of the pandemic CEMSationally. 

A wide range of topics spanning the globe

The GAW2021 engaged alumni and students through 5 global events and 12 local events, which covered 8 different time zones. 

“The CEMS GAW was a great opportunity to invite fellow CEMS Entrepreneurs Alexis Solopulous and Laura Di Santolo to share their experiences and tips with the growing community of entrepreneurial-minded CEMSies,” remarked Victor Tibo, CEMS Entrepreneurs & CEMS Alumnus 2019, WU & SSE. 

Topics such as humanitarianism, entrepreneurship, ambition, eCommerce, salary negotiation & talent acquisition, among others, were delved into and discussed during this year’s GAW.

“LC Ireland organised a workshop with Niall, Karen and Satu, who were part of the first CEMS UCD class from 2003: going back to the origins, we found that the values of CEMS haven’t  changed,” exclaimed Francesca Barberio, Local Alumni Chapter, Ireland President & CEMS Alumna 2018, NHH & RSM.

Further comments from Matija Skoko, CEMS MIM 2021/22, Ivey, expressed “I attended the CEMS Club Vienna  Salary Negotiation workshop and something that personally stood out to me involved the act of balancing various aspects of work to achieve individual needs--salary, vacation time, work life balance etc. Being honest with yourself and with the company expectations”.

A Big thanks to the CEMS Alumni Community

We would like to thank you once again for your active participation and efforts to make this event a global success.   Stay tuned for next year’s GAW lineup and remember “Once a CEMSie...Always a CEMSie!”

Relive the memories through the GAW Recap Video: