CEMS Global Responsibility Week 2024

This year, from April 8th to 14th, CEMS schools around the globe joined forces to celebrate Global Responsibility Week, an event that embodies our shared commitment to fostering a more open, sustainable, and inclusive world. Inspired by our CEMS vision, schools organized a variety of activities focusing on critical long-term impact topics, including sustainability, equality and social responsibility.
GRW 2024

Sustainability Initiatives

Many events focused on practical implementations of sustainability. Activities like sustainable city guides, vegan charity dinners and picnics, sustainable cooking competitions or sustainability movie nights not only promoted eco-friendly living practices, but also increased awareness of the importance of the topic. The events emphasized the direct impact of individual and collective choices on the environment, encouraging more responsible and sustainable behaviors.

GRW events

Educational Workshops

Dedicated to enhancing understanding and educating students in regards to topics related to climate change, human rights and mental health, the workshops that the CEMS schools organized aimed to engage students in meaningful dialogue about current environmental and societal challenges.

GRW 2024

Community Engagement and Charity

A key focus of multiple schools was on community interaction and support. CEMS schools took the Global Responsibility initiative as an opportunity to give back to their communities. As such, they engaged in different charity events. From blood donations, fundraising, visiting animal shelters, organizing “Homeless City Tours” to preparing meals and offering clothes to the ones in less privileged positions, CEMS students highlighted the role of community in making the first step towards a more inclusive world.

GRW 2024 cc Milan

Join Us Next Year!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants, organizers, and partners who made this week a resounding success. Your enthusiasm and dedication are paving the way for a more responsible and sustainable global community.

We are inspired by the impact of this year's events and eagerly look forward to expanding our horizons in the next Global Responsibility Week. Let's continue to drive change and embody the values we cherish as a global community.


GRW 2024 Thank you