CEMS GSOM SPbU Students Resume Offsite Visits In Russia

Visits to company offices in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities are a core part of the educational process of the CEMS MIM program at the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg University (GSOM SPbU).

Usually, during the semester, students visit up to 10 Russian companies, but this is the first time such visits were held since the beginning of the pandemic. This year, a group of 16 students from Italy, Hungary, Portugal and Russia visited CEMS corporate partners in Moscow.

The CEMS team visited the BCG office where students experienced the daily life of a consultant first hand, in one of the world's top global consulting companies. There they were able to network and listen to what it takes to apply and work successfully for BCG. They also visited the L’Oréal office where students played interactive competitive games and experienced what it takes to launch and lead brand strategies as well as the life of marketer in an international environment.

"Going to Moscow with our CEMS students and CEMS Club members was a unique experience that I was so glad to be a part of. Especially with the COVID restrictions it was so refreshing to spend several days participating in offline activities and visiting BCG and L’Oréal offices, meeting with CEMS Alumni and, of course, paying a visit to Professor Stuart Lawson to listen to his extraordinary life-stories". 

Maria Kuftyreva, CEMS Club President, GSOM

"Our CEMS Moscow trip started with two company visits, more precisely BCG and L'Oréal. The open dialogue with the employees and consultants and interactive format was very helpful in getting a precise idea what it is like working for a multinational company in Russia. Both were very insightful and I appreciate the possibility of undertaking such physical visits in these times. For the alumni brunch on Saturday it was very interesting to me as an CEMS exchange student to network with CEMS alumni, who are working in different areas, in a casual manner. Finally, personally for me the most interesting visit was at Stuart Lawson's on Sunday. He as an industry expert in the banking industry in Russia could give first-hand insights into that topic, enhancing his presentation with the nitty-gritty of soft skills required to work in a different country and/or business environment".

Lukas Matitz, Nova School of Business (Portugal)

The CEMS team also met with high profile CEMS GSOM alumni based in Moscow:

  • Anastasia Tyurina (2013), Product owner, MTS BANK (Ex Senior Project Manager at VTB); 
  • Vladislav Ezhova (2016), Consultant at McKinsey; 
  • Soslan Dzgoev (2018), Consultant at IQVIA (Ex-Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble)
  • Andrey Khromov (2020), Business Analyst at Cherry Labs (Ex Senior Specialist at Moscow Metro)
  • Ksenia Koreneva (2021), Leadership Programme Trainee, Danone

The trip ended with a visit to Stuart Lawson, E&Y Senior Advisor. Stuart Lawson has 36 years banking experience, including 16 years as CEO/ Chairman of banks in Russia. He has led both Citi and HSBC's Russian operations and for four years to 2009 was nominated one of Russia's leading bankers by the Central Bank, the Banks' Associations and the Ministry of Finance. Stuart Lawson is acting as visiting professor for CEMS, teaching Global Management Practices Course and is always happy to share his great experiences of managing banks for growth and in crisis, for major Western banks as well as Russian owned banks.  He kindly invited the whole team to his place  where he offered his hospitality and led a thought leadership workshop within a direct philosophical circle. Students were inspired by his wisdom and authenticity in an effort to help them grow professionally and personally.

“Stuart is always happy to share his management experience of growth and crisis management within the banking industry. He kindly invited the whole team to his home, where he held a leadership seminar and an inspiring conversation with students. Students were inspired by his wisdom and advice as well as his kindness and authenticity in an effort to help them grow professionally and personally”

said Yannis Christodoulou, GSOM SPbU CEMS Academic Director.


About the CEMS MIM at GSOM SPbU

CEMS is a global alliance of 34 leading business schools, 70 top companies and eight partner non-profit organizations that together offer the CEMS Master in International Management (CEMS MIM). The CEMS MIM program lasts for a year and provides an opportunity for students to study in a multicultural environment around the world. GSOM SPbU is the only Russian Business School in the global alliance since 2008.

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