Fostering Community Engagement and Collaboration among CEMS Alliance Corporate Partners via the Swiss CP Meeting

The Swiss CP Meeting was hosted by SWISS Airlines and the University of St. Gallen on May 12, demonstrating a strong sense of community and engagement among Corporate Partners and the CEMS Alliance.
CEMS Swiss CP meeting 2023

Andreas Wittmer, Academic Director of HSG, expressed the significance of such gatherings, stating,

 "We see our CPs as part of the CEMS community and enjoy meeting them at least once a year on a one-to-one meeting and once per year in a CP community event. We provide the platform to inform, offer them nice insight about a Corporate Partner or a special topic of interest, as well as an open space for an exchange among the community."

The event proved to be an opportunity for SWISS Airlines to warmly welcome their fellow Corporate Partners for showcasing the airline's commitment and sharing the essence of its brand. SWISS emphasized the value of hosting the event on-site, stating,

"The CEMS event on-site with various partners was a valuable experience as we had the privilege of personally welcoming them to our headquarters in Zurich and establishing meaningful connections."

The event allowed networking, knowledge sharing, and insightful discussions regarding the CEMS program and its attractiveness among SWISS Corporate Partners. The open round with Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Chief Commercial Officer of SWISS, further enriched the event by offering valuable perspectives on the company's commercial vision, with a particular focus on sustainability and SWISS Senses.

The CP meeting was a great opportunity to see the real impact that corporate partners have on the CEMS experience. - Bernadette HaslamGroup Talent Acquisition Executive | Integrated Talent Management

Overall, the Swiss CP Meeting successfully fostered collaboration and laid the groundwork for future collaboration opportunities between different CEMS stakeholders. The event exemplified the community spirit and the commitment shared by SWISS Airlines, the University of St. Gallen and the CEMS Alliance.


Swiss CP meeting