Innovation is crucial to bringing value, and CEMS Alum and Co-founder of Roboyo Nicolas Hess, speaks to us about how the CEMS mindset is bringing success annually.

In light of the CEMS 35th Innovation edition, we interviewed CEMS Alum and Co-founder of Roboyo (a CEMS Corporate Partner), Nicolas Hess. Roboyo is a young hive hyper-automation company and is now the world’s largest Intelligent Automation professional services provider. With a presence across 24 cities, spanning 15 countries and 4 continents, Roboyo is challenging the status quo.
CEMS 35th Innovation Roboyo

There are currently 15 CEMSies working at Roboyo and Nicolas explains this connection between CEMS and Roboyo

“It is quite a special story because five CEMSies who work at Roboyo all met in Dublin while we were studying. Thanks to CEMS we met, we studied together, and we even lived in the same UCD dorm together. The CEMS connection is key to Roboyo. 

I had been working in the technology consulting arena when I came across new technologies. I realised its potential and the opportunities so together with my co-founders we set up Roboyo. My curiosity led us to come up with a company that would bring added value to clients. Being an entrepreneur hadn’t been the plan, but we saw an opportunity and took advantage of that.”


In conversation with Nicolas:  


What does Innovation mean for Roboyo?

Anyone can have ideas but what is crucial is to be able to implement the idea and bring value. It is about executing the idea and making it work. Today, at Roboyo we still ask ourselves, how can we do things differently from our competition? Is this being done already? Is there a way we can make something happen or work in a better way? These questions are what is key to our success. 

The CEMS Alliance is such a great resource. Very different people from different countries and different mindsets are brought together to new environments. They all share a motivated mindset so you all work together. Having a good idea is one thing but being able to implement the idea is something that CEMSies can do effortlessly. The CEMS study programme shapes you, opens your eyes and mindset to thinking differently and is ready to take action. 


Why did Roboyo decide to become a CEMS Corporate Partner?

Roboyo from the very start is grounded in the CEMS Mindset. We have about 15 CEMSies and we want to have curious, intelligent, and internationally focused minds. With our global reach CEMS is the perfect fit. 

Despite there being an emphasis on technology consulting at the core, people are what is the most important. While our aim is to make companies and industries more efficient with automation, we need people who understand different technologies who can talk to customers and advise. We need clever people to create concepts and projects that our customers need to get innovative technologies implemented. 

In the past 7 years, Roboyo has doubled in size annually. Change is a key component to innovation. We grow our products and service offerings constantly. It helps us become continually adaptable and ask what more we can offer to our clients. Making people appreciate change as a good thing and that makes for a successful business. 


Why is innovation a skill that students need to be leaders of tomorrow? 

CEMSies that join Roboyo are successful because they give their best and are open-minded and curious. Being open like this is important so you can challenge the norm and see doing things differently. It might not mean that everything has to be new and changed but spotting the patterns when things can be changed and acting upon them is a key skill for leaders. Innovation isn’t going to come if you aren’t practiced in it, it takes time, experience, and patience to have the courage to implement ideas to make a real difference. 

Roboyo started with three people with no income and no customers, and it didn’t look like we would be as big and successful as we are. But being a leader means that even though we have goals to aim for, sticking rigidly to a plan can mean you miss opportunities and innovations. Being able to adapt to new ideas is a real asset that CEMSies have. 


What’s next for Roboyo?

Roboyo is very much driven by non-complacency, we want to remain uncomfortable to innovate and stay active. Another financing round is closing, and we are aiming to expand into new markets and work on bigger projects. Change and adaptation are what keeps Roboyo interesting and agile and able to give value to both staff and to customers. 

CEMS is always shaping people who want to adapt and enjoy the uncomfortable nature of change. CEMS Students who come into the job market and who have this motivated mindset do better and see opportunities better. They are getting better, it is a great asset for Roboyo.