Secrets of Success: Poland Takes Center Stage

CEMS students voted SGH, Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) as the CEMS School of the Year for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. The team at SGH believes the reason CEMS students feel so positively about their experience is that the school offers high-quality curriculum elements (i.e. highly interactive classes delivered by experienced professors and practitioners).

The students are also highly engaged in an active SGH community and the central location in Poland and Europe gives the school and students great access to the business world as well as many tourism opportunities. CEMS caught up with the SGH CEMS Team of Aneta Szydlowska, Grzegorz Augustyniak, and Miroslaw Jarosinski to learn more.
 SGH, Warsaw School of Economics - Picture

Academic Excellence and Corporate Opportunities

Warsaw has a big academic community with 4 big public universities and many other HE institutions which provides great opportunities to meet new people. The city is full of rich cultural events and activities for various interests and age groups. In this fast-growing economy, Warsaw is emerging as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship with many multinational companies having their offices or branches for CEE there. This further leads to wide internships and job prospects. Centrally located - Warsaw - enables easy travels around Poland and Europe. Poland is a mixture of cultures and tradition having over 1000 years of history.

SGH offers a strong business orientation, which students greatly appreciate. Close cooperation with CEMS Corporate Partners (CPs) is one of SGH CEMS Office main aims and they have been building long-lasting relationships involving CPs in the whole CEMS MIM curriculum, especially concentrating on course teaching and business projects. At the moment SGH offers 4 courses with companies: Deloitte, L'Oréal, P&G and McKinsey. SGH is in the process of expanding the offer of courses to more CEMS CPs as well. This close relationship with companies enables SGH to offer courses adjusted to the needs of the market and current trends. The strong links with CEMS CPs are highly valued by SGH and they try to engage them in various activities during both semesters i.e. skill seminars, Farewell Galas, company visits, and the upcoming Global Alumni Week. Students also find these connections extremely valuable.

SGH tops other Polish universities in terms of employability and average salaries, however, the market has historically looked for graduates who speak both Polish and English or other language of the corporation fluently. Recently, companies have become more open to high potential students and alumni who do not speak Polish.

A Unique Community

A strong student community is another advantage which contributes to the CEMS experience at SGH. CEMS Club Warsaw (CCW) organizes a lot of extracurricular activities for CEMS students i.e. integration trips, Rotation dinner, and on a more regional level with the V4 Conference, WARroom and CEMS Chance (CSR project), as well as various social events like International Dinner, many of them with alumni participation. A unique feature of CCW is that it not only serves CEMS students but the whole SGH community focusing on promoting CEMS at SGH. Being a very strong and active organization offers many possibilities of engagement each year, with a few major regional events apart from those listed above such as the Health Care Business Forum.

With such a rich offer of curriculum and extra-curriculum activities and various environmental initiatives, studies at SGH enables CEMS students to grow academically as well as personally, develop new skills, extend their circle of friends and business ties well into the future.

" CEMS has been an unforgettable experience. Apart from meeting incredible human beings, the quality of the CEMS courses at SGH are Top-notch. I have had the chance to take part in unique company courses with McKinsey, L'Oréal and P&G which were an essential springboard for my future career path. Moreover, the strong relations between the top level multinational companies and the SGH CEMS MIM administration is excellent which ensures you a bright future. I would really encourage anyone who is ambitious, motivated and open-minded to apply for this program" Thibaut Dreano, CEMS MIM at SGH, 1st term at GSOM (Russia)

'There is nothing comparable to the family-like spirit and the strong bonding between members of the CEMS SGH cohort. We've worked hard and have spent unforgettable moments together. My exchange to SGH Warsaw has been truly amazing and I strongly recommend SGH Warsaw as your next CEMS exchange destination' Melvin Tan Kay Young, CEMS MIM at USYD (Australia), 2nd term at SGH

Location, Location, Location

For many, the location is the biggest positive surprise. For decades, beaten by the popularity of cities of medieval Cracow, hanseatic Gdańsk, or multi-cultural Wrocław, Warsaw has finally become a top tourist destination in Poland. The Warsaw of today is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, full of young people that can offer safety and affordable living costs which is high on the student list when searching for place to study. It is a city of diversified, eclectic architecture, UNESCO-listed Old Town, beautiful parks and royal residences (including magnificent Royal Gardens of Łazienki and summer palace of Wilanów), modern city centre with endless shopping and dining opportunities, exciting museums (including National Gallery, Museum of Warsaw, Museum of Polish Jews "Polin" and Museum of Warsaw Uprising 1944), science parks (Copernicus Science Centre) and recreational parks (including Pole Mokotowskie - Warsaw's central park located next to SGH campus). Last but not least, Warsaw is also a city that re-discovered its river Vistula, that is half a modern boulevard (left bank) and half a wild beach with beach clubs and watersport activities (right bank). The diversified landscape of Poland will satisfy everyone's needs all year long from skiing, windsurfing, hiking, swimming, sailing just to name few.

From all of these opportunities studying at SGH offers, it's no wonder it was chosen as the CEMS School of the Year!