SPOTLIGHT on Dr. Kourosh Bahrami , Corporate VP Global SBU Head Adhesive Technologies General Manufacturing, Henkel.

Kourosh is CEMS to the core. With an international life, starting when he left Iran at the age of 9, Cologne/HEC CEMS alum, married to a fellow CEMSie, father, leader, Corporate Partner and latterly CEMS Global Strategic Board member, Kourosh knows that to survive and thrive, curiosity, discovery and vocation is at the heart of everything he is and does.
CEMS 35th Evolution

Having worked with the Graduate Profile Team, Dr. Kourosh Bahrami  helped design the questionnaire and himself and his colleague personally interviewed many of the CPs. His thoughts about the changes to the profile express that very essence of what makes CEMS, CEMS.  

In terms of the language requirements, learning two languages is what many people do to work internationally. But to learn three languages - that means that this person is interested in other cultures, they show authentic empathy, there is a real drive there. That’s part of the CEMS magic 


Dr. Kourosh Bahrami


Kourosh highlights another element of the CEMS profile, firstly about his own way of working but also as a fit for CEMS - vocation. For Henkel, as well as for CEMS, it is that vocation that can bring about change, teach future leaders to be responsible leaders.  

It goes beyond just an excellent education - the interpersonal skills, growth mindset, intimacy, responsible leaders - the whole CEMS package remains as important today as it is for the future in the age of digital.

For Kourosh, leveraging on the CEMS network and alumni for lifelong learning is a no-brainer. He has initiated learning workshops globally for key Henkel staff with input from the CEMS Academic Partners. The richness of CEMS is a real benefit and key strategic advantage for Henkel. After all, what better way is there to have life-long learning than to encourage CEMS stakeholders to contribute back. 

And that is the main point, once a CEMSie, always a CEMSie. And how Kourosh sees as an advantage going-forward is the CEMS network and how different parts can be leveraged upon. What three areas does he highlight for the future of CEMS? 

  1. The CEMS network and lifelong learning - from our CEMS graduation day we can be excited that we have a huge network of CEMS people to teach and learn from for the whole of our lives. 
  2. CEMS is a globally powerful community - let's set the standards, take responsibility with Digital Transformation or ESG for example and work actively towards it and for it. 
  3. Discover and learn and thrive with underdeveloped countries so that they can contribute to our CEMS community. 

There is a real sense of giving back and this is something that Kourosh exemplifies. An open mind set, a growth mentality and an authenticity that positions him within CEMS and Henkel to make real change, make a real contribution. That’s the CEMS journey.