Student Board Meeting – Cairo, 2022

The CEMS Student Board held its third in-person meeting of the Academic year 2022 in Cairo, Egypt. The meeting took place alongside the unforgettable Annual events 2022 and the graduation ceremony at the Pyramids of Giza, hosted by The American University in Cairo (AUC) between 30th November - 3rd December. The series of meetings included brainstorming sessions across different Student Board teams along with engaging workshops from CEMS corporate partners, Coca Cola and Chubb Life; a plenary session to share information around CEMS Annual event and updates from CEMS Global Office.
Student Board in Cairo 2022

Combining the CEMS Annual Events with the 3-day Student Board Meeting allowed the Function and Team Leads to discuss their ongoing projects with different stakeholders in the CEMS global community. The presence of Mrs. Nathalie Perrin & Mrs. Melissa Weaver & Ms. Margaux Berras from the CEMS Global Office added on to the discussion through engaging sessions, full-board meetings, and single team meetings which resulted in fruitful conclusions. The Alliance thanks AUC and Hakim Meshreki, Ph.D Academic Director; Wafaa Sabry, Senior Director - External Relations and Maha Farouk, Program Manager for hosting the unforgettable Annual Events and the Student Board Meeting.

Excerpt of projects supported by the SB in 2023:

  • Preparation of a CEMS Club handover Bible along with an onboarding deck for incoming Presidents to have a smoother transition over semesters
  • Preparation of a Graduate Profile Taskforce and involvement of SBRs to represent student community in the same
  • Revive „Good Trends Campaign“ along with focusing on upcoming „Global Responsibility Week“ and „Global Alumni week“
  • After the successful kick-off of CEMS Buddy program, we aim to help the less-established CEMS Clubs to learn and engage in shared events with more-established CEMS Clubs
  • Promote Alumni Mentorship platform to have a one-stop portal to get in touch with all alumni and students across the alliance
  • Ideate on Student Board Instagram taskforce to support Global Office and CEMS TikTok channel
  • Conducting a pilot on to smoothen the workstreams and have a more targeted discussion moving forward
CEMS Student Board in Cairo, Annual Events 2022

About the Student Board

The CEMS Student Board consists of elected representatives from each CEMS school. It serves a dual role by advocating for the students’ opinions, and managing projects on a global scale, while supporting the local CEMS Clubs.

The Student Board is organized in six functional areas: Marketing & Communications, CEMS Club Support, Master in International Management Affairs, Corporate & Social Partners, Responsible Leadership and Alumni Relations. Also, each member is allocated to one of the five Project Teams: Advocacy Taskforce, Global Integration, Digital Innovation, International Engagement Committee, and Diversity & Inclusion. From 2023, the Board will be chaired by the newly elected Executive Team - President, Nathalie Guillium (UCD), Vice President Operations, Çağla Şevketoğlu (KOC) and Vice President Finance, Jonathan Hucke (AALTO), who sets up the Board’s strategy and structure, and supervises the respective teams.