Learning Objectives

Joining the CEMS MIM programme gives you the opportunity to acquire critical thinking skills within a renowned international business course. The CEMS learning objectives are organized into 5 competency categories :


1/ Internationalism

Our graduates are knowledgeable international business practitioners, able to execute effective business decision-making in diverse contexts. This is reinforced by the international internship completed by each of our students during their year of study.


2/ Business Embeddedness

Our graduates apply advanced management and leadership competencies developed through systematic experience of and engagement with the corporate world.


3/ Responsible Citizenship

Our graduates champion a holistic vision of responsible business decision-making, leadership and citizenship, informed by ethical reasoning, personal integrity, and respect for social diversity.


4/ Reflective Critical Thinking

Our graduates are confident, agile, and reflective decision-makers and problem-solvers, able to formulate and apply innovative solutions to complex business challenges.


5/ Comprehensive Leadership

Our graduates are fully aware of their personal responsibility and accountability and of the ethical and cultural frameworks in which leadership is exerted.