Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management

Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management

1. The School

Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management

Tsinghua University, established in 1911, is a premier university in China. The campus is located in northwest Beijing on the site of a beautiful former imperial garden of the Qing Dynasty. At present, the university has 20 schools and 59 departments with faculties in science, engineering, humanities, law, medicine, history, philosophy, economics, management, education and art.Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM) was established in 1984.

The school is committed to advancing knowledge and cultivating leaders for China and the world, with core values of integrity, dedication, and respect. Tsinghua SEM pursues a leading position in academic research, social influence, and international cooperation among Chinese universities, and endeavors to become a world-class business school.

Key points

MIM programme at this school

Targeting mainly pre-experienced undergraduates, the MiM program strives to develop students leadership, general management and analytical skills, preparing them for key managerial and leadership positions in corporations, government and non-profit organizations. 

The Tsinghua MiM program is the first of its kind in China. Students are expected to attain comprehensive knowledge in management through a set of intellectually challenging courses. Some of those courses are taught in English, given the bilingual nature of the program.

In 2011, Tsinghua SEM joined the Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS) and became the first and the only business school with full CEMS membership in mainland China. Students who successfully complete the CEMS curriculum will receive a CEMS diploma. 

Living in the city

Beijing, the capital city of China, is a cosmopolitan where cultures meet and synthesize. It is the center of political and commercial activities, cultural exchange and technological innovation. The city is vibrant and busy all year round. You will find modern skyscrapers and historical legacy coexisting in harmony.

The campus of Tsinghua University built from a Qing Dynasty garden, located in Haidian Distrcict where most tech firms reside today. There are a lot of beautiful parks and lakes spotted around the urban area, nature is within reach at only an hour drive away.

CEMS Club Beijing

CEMS Club Beijing supports the entire Master in Management community at TSEM, striving to create a smooth and rewarding learning experience for both home students and exchange students. CEMS Club Beijing has been running high quality career workshops, corporate visits and recently introduced the “coffee chats”. You will have the chance to meet top academics, business leaders and professionals face-to-face and hear their personal insights.

The club regularly hosts social events and reunion parties for current students and alumni, fostering a strong network and the CEMS spirit across the cohorts.

With CEMS Club Beijing, you can immerse yourself in the highlights of Chinese culture by taking part in tea tasting and gastronomic trips, celebrate local festivals, even join a tour to visit our CEMS neighbours in East Asia.


CEMS Programme manager
Shuling Yang
Wei Lun Building, HaiDian District, Beijing, China
2. Master of science and cems mim
31 December 2020-5 March 2021

2 to 3 years

Beg. September

Chinese and English


  • Master's Degree in Management

Term dates for the Master Programme(s)

Term 1 From 6 September to 31 December 2021
Term 2 From 15 February to 10 June 2022
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