Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

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1. The School

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

Founded in 1953, the UAI Business School is the oldest business school in Chile and provides management education to students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, master’s, MBA, and Ph.D. programmes. The UAI Business School and many of its academic programmes and departments are consistently ranked among the best in Chile and Latin America.

Key points

MIM programme at this school

The CEMS programme at UAI is an exceptionally rich learning experience, inside and outside the classroom.

The programme educates and prepares students for managerial leadership in today's dynamic global business environment. The successful student in this Master is energetic, focused, and self-reliant. A graduate of CEMS MIM will gain and possess a broad knowledge of practical skills and be a competitive member of the business world.

Living in the city

  • Housing (shared): about € 450/month
  • Transportation: about € 85/month
  • Meals & groceries: about € 250/month
  • Miscellaneous: about € 300/month

CEMS Club Santiago

CEMS Club Santiago's purpose is to support and promote networking amongst CEMS MIM students, to raise awareness of CEMS and CEMS MIM in the local community, to support the CEMS MIM academic programme at a local level, and to become an additional resource of managerial development for the students by engaging them in real-world initiatives and projects.


CEMS Programme manager
Camila Garrido
Diagonal las Torres 2700 Peñalolén, Santiago, Chile
2. Master of science and cems mim
30 October 2019-15 March 2020

1 year

End of August



  • Magister en Administración Internacional

Term dates for the Master Programme(s)

Term 1 From 7 September to 18 December 2020
Term 2 From 25 February to 28 May 2021
3. Programme offer

Academic year

  • Course code Title Type of course Start date End date View
    MIM 635 Management Game Exclusive 2020-08-18 2020-12-08 View
    MIM 642 Advanced Topics in Operations Management Exclusive 2020-09-18 2020-11-06 View
    MKT 703 Pricing Strategy Elective 2020-09-18 2020-11-06 View
    MGT 511 Global Strategy Strategy 2020-09-28 2020-12-18 View
    OPE 424 Essential Business Analytics Exclusive 2020-09-28 2020-12-18 View
    MGT 510 Strategies beyond Markets Exclusive 2020-09-28 2020-11-06 View
    MKT 305 Consumer Behavior and Strategic Management Exclusive 2020-09-28 2020-12-18 View
    FIN 480 Topics in International Finance Exclusive 2020-09-28 2020-11-06 View
    MKT 432 Marketing Internacional Elective 2020-09-28 2020-11-06 View
    PLE 513 Gestión del Capital Humano Elective 2020-09-28 2020-12-18 View
    FIN 489 Regulación Financiera Elective 2020-09-28 2020-12-18 View
    FIN 491 Valoración de Activos Elective 2020-09-28 2020-12-18 View
    MGT 796 Social and Ethical Challenges of New Technologies Exclusive 2020-11-09 2020-12-18 View
    MIM 632 Creative Industries and Businesses Exclusive 2020-11-09 2020-12-18 View
    MIM 633 Leadership in Teams: Processes, Roles, and Dynamism Exclusive 2020-11-09 2020-12-18 View
  • Title Start date End date View
    Block Seminar - Organizational Transformation 2020-09-07 2020-09-11 View
  • Title Start date End date Number of days View
    High Performance Teams: Some Key Elements 2020-09-21 09:00 2020-09-25 13:00 1 View
    Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity: Good or Bad Reaction? The Case of the Pension Funds in Chile 2020-10-02 09:00 2020-10-09 13:00 1 View
    Developing you Cultural Intelligence 2020-10-08 09:00 2020-10-08 13:00 0.5 View
    How do we connect with our consumers today? 2020-11-20 09:30 2020-11-20 13:30 0.5 View
    Sculpting and Managing your Career in a Changing World 2021-10-16 09:00 2021-10-23 13:00 1 View
  • Language Type Title Start date End date View
    French Third language elementary course French A1 2020-09-28 2020-12-18 View
    Portuguese Third language elementary course Elementary Portuguese 2020-11-09 2020-12-18 View